Prison Pen Pal

Awesome post. Despite our different circumstances, we are all going through the same human experience.

Rain // Sleet // Snow Letter A Day

Jacob "Wil" McCreary # 01666063 Jacob “Wil” McCreary # 01666063

Hi Wil,

My name is Hayden Bernstein and I live in Dallas, TX. My personal project is to write a letter each day and today’s letter is for you!

I came across the Prison Pen Pal system while reading about a project called Concepting with Convicts. Basically these three advertising creatives worked with inmates to co-created ad campaigns. They wanted to prove to the inmates that their positive skills can be applied to life after prison and in the process showed how great ideas can come from literally anywhere. Pretty cool stuff.

So today I write to you as just another dude. One who believes in the power of a human connection, beyond situation and circumstance. You and I are both 25 years old and though we find ourselves in very different situations, we can share a honest conversation and learn something from each…

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