The “Apology”

sorry youre on your period

My friend Megan contacted me and updated me on her recent dating life. She said, “I figured it would make me feel better if I knew girls out there were laughing with me about this hilarious story.” Since the purpose of this site is to bring people together, this post had to be done.

I don’t know if you need some new material, but my dating life is a hot mess. My friends always say I should have my own reality show, lol.

 I got my heart broken about a year ago, and since then I am constantly re-discovering why I absolutely hate dating!

 The latest story I had to share with you happened this week. About a month ago one of my “guy friends” decides he wants to try and date me.  (Megan hangs out with a group of people and is especially close to three guys who she considers just friends.)

 Long story short, I just didn’t feel the spark, but he realllly did.

 I tried to explain a million times I just want to be friends, I love how our group is and love hanging out but don’t feel that connection with him. I have no idea how many times I have said “I’d rather be friends.”

 I’ve tried to be nice, but when we all go out to the bars he’s always trying to kiss me and/or let guys know I’m with him.

 This past Sunday at Firehouse, he had drank a little too much. He kept taking my sunglasses off my face, poking at me, and trying to be funny. He was 7-9 shots in, and I was dead sober and I knew he was doing it to be flirty and I’m over that… I just want to be friends.

 I gave him a super dirty look and told him he was being extremely annoying and to stop!! It’s hard being the hungover/sober one when everyone is ridiculous and drunk. He called me an “asshole” and said he doesn’t know why he keeps trying to be nice to me!

 I was speechless. He walked off… About an hour later he came back and pretended nothing had happened. Well me, never being one to keep my mouth shut… I told him to f*ck off and talk to me when he was sober.

 That next night, he texted me asking me if I got what he left on my front door. I opened my door super surprised to find a big bouquet of flowers! …And then I opened the card.

 He had written a good couple of paragraphs on how he checked his calendar and realized that my “special lady time” was coming up and that he was sorry, but would excuse me being “an asshole” because I was about to be on my period.

 He was completely serious! I am still in shock and have never received this kind of “apology” before.

 I texted him, “What the fu*k?! Are you keeping a calendar of my period?”

 “Haha, I try to pay attention. Was I right?”

 I said “I mean, I guess you’re right” and then I went into a small explanation of how I only do the period thing every other month. Lol, awkward.

 “Well I guess you can ignore half of what I wrote and we’ll just say the flowers are cause it’s Monday”

 So obviously, this guy really likes her and maybe doesn’t understand that excusing a girl’s behavior because of her period is highly insulting.

 I asked her why she kept continuing the conversation at all and she said that,I’m willing to be friends, but I know he wants more.” She said that they usually talk almost every day. She didn’t want to completely ice him out so that’s why she responded. This situation is complicated.

I just couldn’t get over that he keeps trying to text me as if nothing had happened and doesn’t realize I’m still annoyed!

 He kept trying to contact her that whole week, but she wouldn’t reply.              

 Nope still haven’t said anything. I’m not sure if I’m mad or just confused. He doesn’t get it… I JUST WANT TO BE FRIENDS.

I kept feeling bad, but I am genuinely not into him. I feel like I have to be mean to him to not feel like I’m leading him on.

What she wants: To just be friends. Stop trying to hook up with me. Give a real apology, not make a joke of it with flowers and a “funny” card. Be fine just being my friend. I liked it better when I was “one of the guys,” and didn’t feel awkward.

 Part of me wants to laugh. The other part is annoyed and I’m feeling like I’m going to be single forever. I should probably start buying a couple of cats.

****What’s your reaction to his behavior? How have you reacted to an unwanted relationship?****

7 thoughts on “The “Apology”

  1. What a jerk, so immature and stalkerish! Wouldn’t even qualify as “just friends”!

  2. When I was 12 I threw a necklace back at a boy and ran away cause I didn’t know how to respond to a gift like that. Also lied about being in a relationship cause I also didn’t know how to turn date a date. Yes , lame, I know……THIS guy apparently never learned boundaries, and Im assuming hes 20 something. At least I had the excuse of being 12!

  3. Amazing that he couldn’t take a hint but confused about why she elaborated more about her period if she was trying to distance him. Mixed messages!

  4. Definitely see his behavior as immature and clueless. Wondering if their group friendship has now ended since she stopped responding to him.

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