Mentioning Your Ex-Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day


“Yeah my ex-girlfriend lives in Little Italy, there are a ton of great restaurants down there.”

We had been dating for three months, and he had been telling me about the possible places we could go for Valentine’s Day dinner later that week.

Taken by surprise, why did this guy just mention his ex to me?

Now it was three days before Valentine’s Day.

“My ex-girlfriend Allie recommended a place for us to go to dinner, it’s a surprise, but I think you’ll really enjoy it.”

Again with the ex talk?

I tried to be cool. We weren’t “official” yet, and maybe he was amicable with this girl. That’s ok. I tried to convince myself that I guess you can still be friends with your ex…It irked me anyway.

We went to see a movie downtown the day before V-day. We saw “The Vow,” you know, the one with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. Well, spoiler alert, they get married, she gets in a car accident, gets amnesia, and then he has to win her heart all over again. I thought if this guy is willing to sit through a romantic drama that I really wanted to see, he must really like me, right?

Since we were near by, he drove through Little Italy. We parked and walked around and he pointed out,

“Oh my ex-girlfriend Allie lives right off of that street!”

Ok, what the hell? So, do they hang out still? Why does he keep mentioning this to me? We have been hanging out pretty consistently, so I don’t think he would even have time to be seeing anyone else. Still, I tried to be calm, when I really should have just called him out on it right there. I said nothing.

Finally, it’s the night of Valentine’s Day and he picks me up, brings me flowers, and takes me to this ultra swanky Italian restaurant in Little Italy. So, we are at dinner and he describes the area because he knows it well, and says how someday he would love to live here. Once again, he brings it up,

“My ex-girlfriend’s place is really nice. She has this awesome rooftop, and you can see this amazing ocean view. We should all hang out and go up there soon.”

HANG OUT WITH HER? I don’t want to hang out with your ex. This is bizarre.

Ok enough is enough, I told myself. You have to confront this.

“Ok, seriously why do you keep talking about your ex-girlfriend. Honestly, it’s weird and makes me feel uncomfortable.”  

The look on his face was priceless. He was so confused,

“What do you think I am saying?”

“Well, you keep talking about your ex-girlfriend Allie, why do you keep mentioning her?”

He busted up laughing. That kind of pissed me off for a split second.

“No, I am not saying my ex-girlfriend Allie. Remember my friend Matt? His girlfriend, Allie, lives in this area. MATT’S girlfriend Allie!”

MY EX-girlfriend Allie vs. MATT’s girlfriend Allie. When you say them both aloud they DO sound similar. At least that’s what I told myself. So, I realized either he needs to enunciate better, or I have a serious hearing problem.

Needless to say, we had a fun night and there was no mention of his “ex-girlfriend” again.



Do you have an awkward Valentine’s Day Story? Tell me in the comments below!

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