Online Dating and Coping with Crack: Part 1

Jdate, Plenty of Fish, OK Cupid, Match, and now Farmers Only. These are the websites we resort to when we succumb to the fact that we are just not going to meet people the old fashioned way anymore.  There is definitely not a shortage of online dating websites and for my generation this is becoming the more accepted means to try and meet people.

But let’s be real, between the profile pictures of guys that include other girls, bad comb-overs, and creepy half naked selfies, most of the people on there can be terrifying. Even when I put the maximum age I would be willing to date was 30, I would get messages from guys that looked older than my dad. And he’s almost 67. Some of these profiles make you question if there are any normal people left in this world.

So when I did Jdate over two years ago, I was slightly embarrassed. “Am I seriously resorting to the INTERNET to meet people?” I was a nanny at the time and the probability that prince charming would burst into the nursery while I was changing dirty diapers was zero. I didn’t tell my roommates I was trying the online thing until the third person I went out with was actually going somewhere. The first person completely lied about his height, like saying you’re 5’9 when you’re actually 5’3. Complete misrepresentation. WTF. We also had nothing in common. The second person I went out with went well, but when it came time for date #2, he invited me to relax, drink wine, and watch a movie. I said I wasn’t ready to come over to his house, and would prefer to meet him out somewhere. He blasted me for being a prude and accused me of assuming that we would be staying at his house. He claimed he meant we would be going out to the movie theaters. Suuuuuuure buddy.

I get it. Dating sucks. Online dating can suck even more. But if you take the chance on person #3 like I did, you could maybe meet the love of your life. I met “K” after talking briefly on Jdate. Three hours of conversation at our local bar and a couple rounds of beers later, we made a connection. I was a little too buzzed to drive after, so he walked me to get the best dirty (as in the restaurant looks kinda sketchy and not up to health code) Mexican food and we watched episodes of  “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” in his car until I sobered up. The whole thing was completely innocent and refreshing.

So now after moving in with “K” and being together for two years, you can understand why I am a total ADVOCATE for online dating. After my dark period of hating all guys and convincing myself I would be alone forever, I am so passionate about telling my friends to take chances, change the idea in your head of what you think your dream guy SHOULD be, and re-prioritizing the qualities you want in someone.

After much reluctance, I finally convinced my girl, “A” to try Jdate for the second time. Little did she know what she was getting herself into.

To be continued…

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